WORKSHOP – Creative Thought Forms

book cover for Creative Thought Forms

“Creative Thought Forms”
Learn the Art and Science of Spiritual Transformation

Via ZOOM and In-Person

February 26, 2023
1:30 – 3:00 PM MST

Free Workshop, Registration Required

Join us as we explore practical ways to use geometric, nature derived thought forms
to transform life, both personal and planetary

• Creative thought forms can strengthen your imaging powers
• Precipitate your life’s goals and brighten your life with joy
• Transform your emotions and heal your mind and body

Elizabeth Clare Prophet

“Creative Thought Forms” by Elizabeth Clare Prophet and Mark L. Prophet explains how color, sound,
and geometry can be used to create thought forms that have a reality far greater than mere imagination.
This science can be used to precipitate physical objects. But of far greater value
is their power to transform your mind and emotions.

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In-Person Location
The Summit Lighthouse of Phoenix
4105 N 20th St. Suite 115
Phoenix 85016

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