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Below is a list of spiritual websites and online audio and video resource materials for learning about the Teachings of the Ascended Masters. We hope you will enjoy them. They are all FREE!

ANGELS – Online Videos and Podcasts
Angels is a 13-hour video series with Elizabeth Clare Prophet. | Click here.

ASCENDED MASTER Free ENCYCLOPEDIA – From published and unpublished works by Mark L. and Elizabeth Clare Prophet  |  Click here.

FREE LISTENING ON SOUNDCLOUD Audio teachings on a variety of spiritual topics  | Click here.

FREE ONLINE MATERIALS – Start a TSL Study Group |  Click here.

LESSONS ONLINE – Keepers of the Flame Fraternity Lessons Online
Sample Lesson One absolutely Free.  | Click here.

SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS From The Summit Lighthouse®

SUNDAY LECTURES  By Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet
These free streaming audios are songs, lectures, decrees, and dictations by Mark Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Hear this week’s free broadcast. 

TEACHINGS OF THE ASCENDED MASTERS  A Variety of Links on Spiritual Topics |  For English, go here For Spanish, go here.  

Es un grupo de estudio virtual con la misión de difundir las enseñanzas de Los Maestros Ascendidos tal como fueron entregadas a los mensajeros Mark y Elizabeth Clare Prophet.|  Haz Clic Aquí.

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VIDEOS ON VIMEO – Videos on Spiritual Teachings  | Click here.

SIMONE’S VIOLET FLAME VIDEOS – Transformational Videos | Click here.

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