The Golden Pathway Website


The Path That Leads to Personal and Planetary Transformation

The Golden Pathway website is run by a team dedicated to bringing seekers many spiritual tools and resources along The Golden Pathway of personal and planetary transformation.

The Golden Pathway offers golden nuggets to support acceleration on your personal spiritual path. It brings to you golden transformational tools that can change your life for the better and bring the joy and harmony of who you truly are more fully into your life.

This website is especially helpful for those who are new to the concept of the convergence of the Truths from many religions into one practical path. Dedicated to presenting ageless traditions and practices, The Golden Pathway supports every spiritual aspirant on his personal journey.

We invite you to explore their website. Then come visit us at the Summit Lighthouse of Phoenix to discuss the teachings and concept that you find there. May you be victorious in walking your own Golden Pathway.