Your Spiritual Calling


What would you give for the pearl of great price?

What would you give to know the keys to your soul’s union with God?

Are you interested in mastery of this physical plane?

Do you feel certain that there is more to life than what can be seen or touched? If your inner sense tells you that you have a spiritual mission to fulfill, you may be one of the ‘Called Out Ones,’ a spiritual warrior. Join us to discover the secret mysteries of life, achieve your divine purpose, and learn ways to unite with your higher self.

Maybe you are just searching to experience more joy in your day to day journey, or you need help with relationships and family, or want to know how to lead a more abundant life.

The Teachings of the Ascended Masters offer answers to these questions.

The Summit Lighthouse of Phoenix is dedicated to the sharing and practice of the Teachings of the Ascended Masters.  We are a multi-denominational group with the mission to spread these marvelous teachings to those who want to live their lives to the fullest — spiritually speaking.

All are welcome to join us, no matter the religious affiliation. These are teachings that can bring an understanding of life’s mysteries, a joy that is internal, and most importantly, a path that can lead to ultimate oneness with our spiritual source.

Read all of the offerings in our Spiritual Teachings section for more information about the beliefs of the students of the Ascended Masters at The Summit Lighthouse of Phoenix.

For information about the Messengers of the Great White Brotherhood, click here. (*white does not refer to race, but rather to the spiritual light of the immortals)

To learn about  Ascended Masters and how they can faithfully assist us on the path to Christhood or Buddhahood, click here.

Saint Germain is the hierarch of the Aquarian Age, just as Jesus was the hierarch for the Piscean Age. To learn more about this amazing master, click here.

The violet flame is the gift to mankind for all ages. This amazing spiritual energy is a tool that every spiritual seeker must have — and use. Click here to learn more.


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