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The Summit Lighthouse, a non-profit organization, is the official source for Teachings of the Ascended Masters from Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet and their students.

The Summit Lighthouse is dedicated to making these teachings available to all those who are looking for answers to life’s difficult questions.

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  • Be Saint Germain In Action
    I AM Saint Germain. I flood the earth with Freedom’s flame. I flood your souls, washing them clean with ascension’s fires. Whatever it takes, beloved, be willing to do it for your Victory.
  • Love Is the Password
    Love is the key to the solution of every problem, love for your Mighty I AM Presence. Stay close to your Mighty I AM Presence and nothing can touch you.
  • Understanding of the God-Intelligence Acting in Nature
    As my soul expanded in the transfusing light which God poured into me, I was exalted time and again by his glory expressed through the Nature kingdom. The seemingly dumb creatures of field and forest came into unity with me through God’s love…
  • Special Book Bundle Sale
    Special online book sale. 30 specially-selected book bundles at 50 – 70% off between April 24 and May 25. Prices include domestic shipping and handling.
  • Violet Flame Challenge Update
    Over 1600 1850 People in 82 Countries Have Joined the Violet Flame Challenge Knowing about the violet flame and feeling the energy of the violet flame are two different things. With the Violet Flame Challenge you build a daily experience with the violet flame: Start with downloading your free ebook, then Receive a daily email […]

Summit University

Summit University provides on-line courses on the Teachings of the Ascended Masters as published by the Messengers of the Great White Brotherhood, Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, through The Summit Lighthouse. For more information, please contact


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