Ascended Masters


Ascended Masters are all a part of the Great White Brotherhood*, spoken of in Revelation 7 as the great multitude of saints “clothed with white robes” who stand before the throne of God. The Brotherhood works with earnest seekers and public servants of every race, religion and walk of life to assist humanity in their forward evolution.

* The term “white” refers not to race but to the aura of white light that surrounds these immortals.

Kuan Yin and Gautama BuddhaArchangel Gabriel and Mother Mary

Among these saints are Gautama Buddha, Maitreya, Jesus Christ, Saint Michael the Archangel, Zarathustra, Moses, Melchizedek, Mother Mary, Saint Francis, Saint Germain, El Morya, Thérèse of Lisieux and unnumbered and unnamed loving hearts, servants of humanity.

In their great love for mankind, Ascended Masters stand ready to assist us in our own mastery that we might also ascend. Not only do we want to ascend, but it is our desire to share this light with others.

For more about the Ascended Masters, you may be interested in the book: Meeting the Masters. It is a course in self-mastery. The material world in which we live represents only a small slice of a broad spectrum of being from the realm of the humblest nature spirits to that of the most exalted archangels.

This second book in the Sacred Adventure series expounds on the presence of masterful spiritual beings just beyond the veil. Explore hidden dimensions in these revealing chapters:

  • Exploring our Teeming Cosmos
  • The Strength of Divine Will
  • Soul Travel
  • The Brilliance of Divine Wisdom
  • The Angelic Kingdom
  • The Comfort of Divine Love
  • The Threefold Flame

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