Your Divine Self – The Real You

Woman looking at her divine self in the mirror
Did you know that the ‘you’ normally seen in your mirror looks very different from you as you appear from higher realms? From spiritual realms, you are seen as an individualization of God’s Presence, with seven concentric spheres of rainbow light surrounding you. These spheres are rays of God’s Being, each manifesting one quality of God’s consciousness.

The colors and qualities of His consciousness are:
Blue – God’s Power, Perfection, and God’s Will
Pink – God’s Divine Love, Adoration, Devotion
Yellow – God’s Illumination, Education, and Wisdom
Green – God’s Precipitation, Truth, and Healing
Purple and Gold – God’s Resurrection, Ministration, and Service
Violet – God’s Freedom, Transmutation, Mercy, and Forgiveness

In each lifetime, you are meant to increase each of the rays represented by these colors. Therefore, your record in Heaven (Akasha) will show how much Love, Wisdom, Power, Justice, etc., you have manifested from lifetime to lifetime. And in each incarnation, as you embody more of these God-Qualities, you increase your bands of light, your ‘treasures in Heaven.’ This is your purpose in life, to become more of a spiritual being, the Real ‘You.’ This Real You is known as your Divine Self and is a trinity of identity.


The Divine Self

Your Divine Self

Let’s review the trinity of your identity to see how you really look,
spiritually speaking

This chart of Your Divine Self illustrates wonderfully the ‘Self’ as taught by the great mystics of East and West. The chart has three parts, the trinity of your identity. The upper figure is your God Self.  The middle figure is your Inner Teacher, or your Christ Self. And the lower figure is you as a soul evolving on earth. Read on to learn more.

The Upper Figure

The Upper Figure
The upper figure in the Chart of Your Divine Self above is a sphere of light known as your I AM Presence. It is the spirit of God individualized in you. Your I AM Presence is surrounded by seven concentric spheres called the Causal Body. These spheres of pulsating spiritual energy contain the record of all your good works. They are like your cosmic bank account, your ‘treasures in Heaven.’ In other words, they represent all the virtues you have ever manifested on each of the rays of God’s Consciousness.

Your Causal Body and the I AM Presence are a part of your being right now; they are not removed or separated from you in time and space, though we ‘appear’ to be separated due to our limited human consciousness. Fortunately, we have a mediator to assist us in communicating with our I AM Presence and to assist us in perfecting our being. This mediator is called the Holy Christ Self, the Middle figure of the chart.

The Middle Figure

The Middle Figure
The Causal Body is above, your soul is below, and in the middle is the mediator. This mediator is called the Holy Christ Self and many other names, such as the Higher Self or the Real Self. It is the portion of your Self that works with you and guides you. The mediator translates to the imperfect soul something of the perfection of the I AM THAT I AM (the I AM Presence). It assists us in navigating between these planes of spiritual existence.

Some refer to this mediator as your Guardian Angel. Christian mystics refer to it as the “inner man of the heart.” No matter the name, this mediator is your inner guru (the Atman), the voice of conscience—and always your dearest friend. This portion of yourself is your soul’s advocate before God. It is the Self that you are in a state of becoming through your evolution, through all of your experiences from incarnation to incarnation.

The Lower Figure

The Lower Figure
The lower figure in the chart is your soul. It is evolving in time and space. It is the part of you that is mortal—but it can become immortal. Surrounding you, as seen by those with spiritual vision, you are surrounded by a spiritual flame called the Violet Flame. It is high-frequency energy of forgiveness, mercy, and compassion. It is the flame of the Holy Spirit. A protective white light is around the Violet Flame and is known as the Tube of Light. This Tube of Light serves as a wall of protection for your soul.

There is a shaft of white light connecting all of your bodies. This shaft is known as the crystal cord or the silver cord, like a spiritual umbilical cord, the lifeline that ties you to Spirit. Within your heart is a secret chamber that houses a trifold flame of pink, yellow, and blue. This flame is the God-Spark that keeps you tied to God the Father. The Threefold Flame is the sacred fire that differentiates us from animals.

The purpose of your soul’s evolution on earth is to grow in self-mastery, balance your karma, fulfill your mission on earth and make your ascension. Having become your Real Self, you return to the spiritual dimensions that are your real home. Through attention to your spiritual path, the three figures in the Chart—you will one day become one.

When your soul concludes a lifetime; the I AM Presence withdraws the silver cord, and your threefold flame returns to the heart of your Holy Christ Self. It is then that your soul gravitates to the highest level of consciousness she has attained in all of her past incarnations to await re-birth or attain her ascension.

To learn more about your Divine Self, watch this video, “What You Look Like Spiritually.”