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We are The Summit Lighthouse® of Phoenix,
also known as the Phoenix Community Teaching Center.

Welcome !

As a community of spiritual warriors, we dedicate ourselves to bringing more light into the world. We are initiates of life’s sacred mysteries, studying the teachings of the Ascended Masters, and experiencing the bliss of spiritual illumination. We share the wisdom from the masters in book study groups, services, and workshops.

We hope that as you explore our site, you will come away feeling that our community is the right place for you to explore the Teachings of the Ascended Masters. We also hope you will find that the Summit Lighthouse of Phoenix is a lively place for your soul to grow spiritually.

At our center, Summit Lighthouse of Phoenix, you can browse our selection of books and the other media that offer a wide range of studies on contemporary topics. Our offerings cover topics such as relationships, spiritual purpose, creating more abundance, raising families, and developing your unique gifts so that you can complete your mission. As the torch passes from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius, you have the opportunity as never before to discover your true, divine identity.

May you be victorious in your quest to become a God-free being.

Let us tell you about the foundations of the Summit Lighthouse of Phoenix.

For more than 50 years, The Summit Lighthouse®, our parent organization, has been publishing the Teachings of the Ascended Masters, the mystics and sages of East and West who graduated from earth’s schoolroom and attained union with God.

The fundamental principle of the Teachings of the Ascended Masters is that you, as a son or daughter of God, have a divine spark that is your potential to realize the universal Christ within and to ascend to God as Jesus did. This concept is at the heart of all the major religions, East and West.

Our Purpose and Activities

The Summit Lighthouse has teaching centers and study groups around the world. What is the purpose of an Ascended Masters community teaching center?

The Teaching Center is the white-fire core – the nucleus for the flow of spiritual energies into the community at large. It is a point of contact with spiritual hierarchy from which students of the Ascended Masters may go out into the community, serving the needs of its members.

It is the open door for men and women from all walks of life seeking the Truth of the God Flame within, where all can find answers to their questions, about life and death in the Teachings of the Ascended Masters.

Like the home of Mary, Martha and Lazarus in Bethany, the Ascended Master community teaching center is the place in the midst of the mundane life of the cities where the Lord Jesus Christ and his disciples are welcome.

“Each of the Teaching Centers is an open door in the cities of the nations. The Teaching Center is a place to sustain a flame that is greater than any one of us, greater than all of us put together. It is greater than the sum of the parts. What we can do in a Teaching Center is something that we cannot do alone, because it involves Community.”

~ Elizabeth Clare Prophet “The Teaching Center is the White Fire Core of the Planetary Mandala” January 24, 1976 ~

“Beloved ones, I come, then, to you with a longing in my heart. The longing in my heart is for that day when I will find you, the body of God upon earth, as nuclei of light releasing your calls [your prayers] to the violet flame and to mighty Astrea [an ascended being] in each and every capital. From that focal point you, then will be able to fill the nations with that light which will prepare the soul for the influx of the teachings.”

~ Saint Germain, 11/20/1977 ~


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