Saint Germain – Aquarian Age

Saint Germain is your friend and brother on the spiritual path to enlightenment and the hierarch of the Aquarian Age, just as Jesus was the hierarch of the Piscean Age.

We would like to meet you and tell you more about Saint Germain (Sanctus Germanus or holy brother in Latin). We can also share with you how to use Saint Germain’s violet flame, the flame that transmutes burdens, karma, and life’s difficulties.

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More About Saint Germain

Saint Germain is the chohan of the seventh ray, which is Lord or master; a chief. Each of the seven rays of God has a chohan who focuses the Christ consciousness of that ray.

Saint Germain is also the sponsor of the United States of America, and master alchemist who has brought the gift of the violet flame of freedom to mankind.  (See Violet Flame under the Spiritual Teachings Tab at the top of this page.)

Together with his twin flame, the ascended lady master Portia, the Goddess of Justice, he is the hierarch of the Aquarian age, receiving this mantle as Jesus did for the Piscean Age. He represents  the flame of freedom, while Portia is the sponsor of the flame of justice. The name Saint Germain comes from the Latin Sanctus Germanus, meaning simply “Holy Brother.”

Saint Germain and Portia deliver to the people of God the dispensation for the seventh age (the Age of Aquarius) and the seventh ray— which is the violet ray of freedom, justice, mercy, alchemy and sacred ritual. In this age, all of these qualities should become stronger and more manifested in the cultures around the world.

Saint Germain is also the Knight Commander of the Keepers of the Flame Fraternity, a fraternity dedicated to the giving of prayers for world situations..  Find out more about the Keepers of the Flame Fraternity, here.

Prior Embodiments of Saint Germain

The Ascended Masters teach the law of karma, the law of cause and effect and retribution. The law of karma necessitates the soul’s reincarnation until all karma has been balanced. Thus, from lifetime to lifetime we determine our fate by our actions, including our thoughts, feelings, words, and deeds.

Below are some of the embodiments of Saint Germain, most of which demonstrate the development in his heart of the flame of freedom. (Portia remained in higher octaves while Saint Germain embodied upon earth.)

  • Ruler of a golden aged civilization over 50,000 years ago
  • High priest of the Violet Flame Temple on the mainland of Atlantis
  • The 11th century prophet, Samuel
  • St. Joseph, father of Jesus and husband to Mary
  • Late 3rd century Saint Alban, first martyr of Britain
  • Fifth century Merlin, the alchemist, prophet and counselor at the court of King Arthur
  • (1220-1292) Roger Bacon – philosopher, Franciscan monk, educational reformer and experimental scientist
  • (1451 – 1506) Christopher Columbus – discoverer of America
  • (1551 – 1626) Francis Bacon – philosopher, statesman, essayist and literary master
  • 18th and 19th century Le Comte de Saint Germain – alchemist, scholar, linguist, poet, musician, artist, raconteur and diplomat

The above references are from the book Masters and Their Retreats by Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Available from Summit University Press, 1-800-622-9206.


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