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The Highest Alchemy
Keys to Self-Transformation

In this devotional service, learn how to move through life’s changes gracefully through alchemy, the science of change, the portal to freedom. Long ago, an Eastern adept taught us how to make these keys work together for lasting results to improve your life. He gave us the ‘key of keys.’ Join us to hear a special message for you from Confucius.

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The Earth in God's Hands

God will save the earth!
He is waiting for you

In this live devotional service, Rev. Stevens answers the following questions: Is Planet Earth in God’s hands? Why doesn’t He do something about our problems? What if input from you is required? Perhaps the planet is in your hands, as well as in God’s! Watch this replay to learn how you can affect the outcome.

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girl celebrating her I AM Presence

Happiness is God’s Light!
How to Live Perpetually in the Stream

This devotional service conducted by Rev. Stevens includes EASY and HIGHLY practical tips for finding and implementing ‘happiness’ in your life. Rev. Stevens initially asks: Is happiness an unanticipated treat or something you can influence? Is it a gift from God or something you are entitled to? What if you could affect your own happiness? 

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