Our November Book Discussion & Study Group

(1) “9 Cats 9 Lives,” Book Discussion
November 4, 18


(2) Sunday Sacred Adventure Study Group
November 7, 14

book cover: 9 cats 9 lives

“9 Cats 9 Lives” Book Discussion
Karma, Reincarnation and You,
Influential People and Their Past Lives


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November 4, 18,

6:30 PM – 8:00 PM, MST

Transcend Your Past, Transform Your Future
Look at famous, influential people and their past lives. What were they doing on Atlantis?
See how their karma from the past set the stage for the challenges they
would face in this century. Find out how as we can change our own karma
as we explore their lives. Discussion is encouraged.

November 4

Franklin D Roosevelt portrait

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Join us for an insightful discussion on chapter 5 about Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
How did his karma and free will on Atlantis set the stage for his life
as Franklin Delano Roosevelt?

November 18

Margaret Thatcher and Winston Churchill

Margaret Thatcher and Winston Churchill

Join us for an intriguing discussion on chapter 6 and 7:
Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher.
See the connection between their lives on Atlantis and their 20th century lives.
How did their choices in previous lives affect their situation?

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the spiritual quest workbook

Sunday Sacred Adventure, a Modern Mystery School
The Spiritual Quest Series

by Zoom or In-Person

Sundays, November 7 and 14
1:30 PM – 3:00 PM, MST

Free! (Love Offerings Accepted)

Are You Ready for a Sacred Adventure?
Wondering What Your Life is About? Want More Peace?
Join us for a unique Sacred Adventure, a personal spiritual quest.

Here is what to expect when you attend:

• Deepen your awareness of your innate spirituality
• Discover keys to your spiritual nature and divine destiny
• Experience transformation through mantras and meditation
• Connect with others who are like-minded
• Increase joy in your world using the Violet light

November 7
“Reincarnation and You”

BuddhaHear the Buddha’s teaching on desire and how to avoid the reincarnation trap.
Get acquainted with Saint Germain and his purple-loving heart to help you.
Experience a meditation on the violet flame.

November 14
“Angels are Waiting for Your Call” Archangel MichaelArchangel Michael can protect you and help you overcome fear, doubt
and protect your family. Become familiar with Archangel Michael’s
protection by using the science of the spoken word mantras.

Held in-person at:
The Summit Lighthouse of Phoenix
4105 N. 20th St Suite 115
Phoenix 85016

*Based on “The Spiritual Quest” by Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet.
Purchase on Amazon.

Copyright 2003 by Summit University.
All rights reserved.

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MEETING ID: 494 624 8600
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