Meeting the Masters – Sacred Adventure Series

Meeting the Masters, A Sacred Adventure
Divine Wisdom, The Ascended Master Kuthumi
Sunday  June 18, 10:30 am – 11:45 am

Enjoy lunch following

The Summit Lighthouse of Phoenix
Tudor Plaza
4105 N. 20th St Suite 115 Phoenix 85016

480-442-5020 or 602-363-8380

This coming Sunday, meet the Ascended Master Kuthumi. Master Kuthumi was St. Francis in a past life. He is known as known as the Master Psychologist. 

At times, when there is sorrow, emotional distress or blocks to our attunement with our Higher Self, Kuthumi has a solution.  Some of the ways to contact him might be: doing a special mantra, writing a letter to him and burning it, or visiting his retreat over Shigatse Tibet.  Find out more about this fascinating Ascended Being at our special series each Sunday.


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