Karma, Reincarnation and You! – February Course Dates

10:30 am – 12:00 pm
Sunday, February 4
Sunday, February 18

Through the process of our reincarnation on earth, we were meant to evolve spiritually-to grow in spiritual mastery as we nurtured our divine gifts and developed our talents. Somewhere along the line, we strayed from the path of the higher consciousness and forgot the reason for our sojourn on earth.

In this workshop, find out answers about what happened on the most famous lost continent of Atlantis.  Was it real or just a legend? Were you there? Did some of us make karma? We will explore this topic and more.

You will learn how to free yourself from the karma of old patterns through forgiveness and with Saint Germain’s  precious gift of the violet flame. Won’t you join us?

The Summit Lighthouse of Phoenix
Tudor Plaza
4105 N. 20th St, Suite 115, Phoenix 85016
Contact us at 480-442-5020