Saint Germain

A magical, mystical Merlin of a man, Saint Germain had amazing past lives. He took the name Saint Germain after he lived his last life as Francis Bacon and had ascended into the white light to become immortal.

In the next century, he appeared as the Count de Saint Germain and dazzled the courts of King Louis the 16th. He could speak almost any language as if a native, write poetry with both hands at the same time, and remove flaws from the gemstones of nobility. His birth a mystery, it is recorded that he lived to over 100 but looked only 50. There is no record that he ever died.

His talents, mystical abilities, alchemical formulas, and musical compositions were marvelous, indeed Divine. His greatest desire was to change men’s human consciousness into the Divine so that his many friends on Earth could realize their Divine nature as well.

To this end, Saint Germain introduced the violet flame to the public in 1930 through his Messenger Guy Ballard. What was once a secret known only to the most advanced spiritual adepts in the retreats of the Ascended Masters, was now public.

Because of this, we have at our fingertips, Saint Germain’s most wonderful alchemical formula that can be used any time throughout the day: the gift of the violet flame. Join us to learn how the violet flame can bring you joy and miracles of healing in your life!