Testimonial – Unveiled Mysteries

Our Summit Lighthouse of Phoenix study group began a new series on September 24, Unveiled Mysteries: True Stories of Saint Germain by Godfre Ray King. A student of this group, recently wrote to us with the following testimonial: As part of the Unveiled Mysteries class, I started working with St. Germain's meditation for gaining control … Continue reading Testimonial – Unveiled Mysteries

Coming Soon!

We are going to be  blogging soon! We will be keeping you abreast of ongoing news and stories related to the Teachings of the Ascended Masters, our members, our teaching center, and spirituality. Stay tuned.  

September Events Updated

September 10 - From our Sacred Adventure Series: The Threefold Flame, Your Fountain of Life, Part 3. Learn about the Ascended Masters Djwal Kul and the Goddess of Liberty. September 17 - From our Sacred Adventure Series: Hear about a Gift from El Morya; Puzzle Piece, Sanat Kumara and Lemuria. This is our last class for the series. If … Continue reading September Events Updated