A Call To Action: Our Spiritual Purpose

Lady Master Venus Guides US

Lady Master Venus guides us to:
•  Attune with the retreats of Eriel and John the Beloved
•  Make our choices for the love ray daily and hourly

“Eriel of the Light is one I think of often who so cares for the little children.… The beauty of Eriel and of John the Beloved is expressed in the flowers and the mountains over the desert of Arizona in these etheric retreats which are kept for the sealing of the love ray.

“Yet, see how that love ray is inverted.… Heaven and hell are intertwined on earth and there are choices to be made daily and hourly by all who live thereon.”

Lady Master Venus, Pearls of Wisdom®, vol. 28, no. 21, May 26, 1985

Archangel Eriel instructs us

Eriel centers his activity in Arizona with Fun Wey (an Ascended Master) in the name of freedom and instructs us to:
•  Be sealed in the peace and stillness of nature
•  Set elemental life free

“The radiance of the morning sun, the thrilling bird notes…the golden sun of God-illumination…these manifest in my retreat here in Arizona.… Here I and beloved Fun Wey…have centered our activity and our focus in the name of freedom.

I, Eriel, seal you and enfold you in the peace and the stillness of nature.…

I ask you, blessed and beloved ones…not to forget the elemental life, to set it free.”

Beloved Eriel, July 4, 1961