A Call To Action: Our Spiritual Purpose

John the Beloved Comes From His Retreat Over Arizona

John the Beloved comes from his retreat over Arizona to:
•  Seeking candidates for the ascension (He comes with his angels.)
•  Directing us to be victors for humanity
•  Teaching us that we hold the light for millions
•  Asking us to take the cape of responsibility

“Now I come with concentrated energies from my retreat which is located in the etheric plane over the state of Arizona. And I come with concentrated energies of love and purity. I come to adorn your forms with this light that your vibrations might be increased in preparation for the hour of the reunion.

Angels from the Ascension Temple [of Serapis Bey] have gathered here. They are looking for recruits, for candidates who wish to be tried in the disciplines of the law…

Every angel in the service of the Lord is an electrode of light wherever he is. And thus you can have one of these pillars of fire in your home and wherever your heart desires to roam upon the planet.

This, then, is the dispensation of the cross…. This is the meaning of submitting with Jesus that you might be victors not for yourselves but for humanity…. You hold the light for millions….

I have come that you might bear the responsibility for your fellow man. And when you take that cape of responsibility, then in humility you bow before the Christ and you say, ëI of mine own self can do nothing. It is the Father in me who doeth the work.”

John the Beloved, April 12, 1974

*John 5:30, 14:10 KIng James Version

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