A Call To Action: Our Spiritual Purpose

The Great Divine Director Guides Us

The Great Divine Director (An Ascended Master) guides us to:
•  Balance ancient karma with a violet flame conflagration
•  Give the violet flame as a gift of our hearts
•  Turn towards our I AM Presence with meditation and utter love

“As the sponsor of Saint Germain I am in search of those who will understand the great mission of my son, and who will comprehend that the holding of the balance of Light*  in the earth depends upon those who hear the call and take it finally in this life as a serious election in the heart of Maitreya, the Cosmic Christ….

You live in an era, beloved, when the ancient karma sown in the rock and the mountain, even of this vicinity, comes due for balance. Let it be balanced by a violet flame conflagration.

The world can receive the violet flame as the gift of your hearts. Know you, beloved, what six hundred souls of Light…can do, not alone for this state and nation but for a planet?

I tell you, were six hundred to gather even weekly for four hours of violet flame, what changes you would see would astonish you. For there is a geometrization of that God flame, and the number who gather is squared and then multiplied by the power of the ten thousand-times-ten thousand.

The gentle turning of each individual toward his God, toward his I AM Presence, with that meditation and utter love, I tell you, in the twinkling of the All-Seeing Eye of God you would see what change upon planet earth!

Great Divine Director, Pearls of Wisdom®, vol. 31, no. 13, May 27, 1988. Dictation given February 3, 1988, in Phoenix.

I AM the violet flame in action in me now!
I AM a being of violet fire! I AM the purity God desires!

NOTES:  * Holding the balance of Light in the earth means to gather the sacred fire around the coil of being and to expand it in the aura through prayers, decrees, mantras and meditation.…

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