Mark Your Calendars! – Our November Schedule

Sunday Services at the Summit Lighthouse of Phoenix
Join us for devotional Sunday services with teachings from the Ascended Masters.

November 3, 10 and 17
Video Broadcast Sunday Service from Montana, King Arthur’s Court
10:30 am – 12:30 pm

November 24
Live Family Sunday Service – “Win Life’s Race in Time and Space!
What do You Allow to Define You? Who Are You?”
10:30 am – 11:45 am

Children welcome! The Montessori Children’s Chapel is available every Sunday.

Refreshments follow!

Continuing Series…The Spiritual Quest, a Sacred Adventure

Cost: Free. We accept love offerings!

Sunday, November 3
“Purify and Energize Your Chakras, Part 2”
1:30 – 2:45 pm

Sometimes people sense the presence of chakras who know nothing about them in their outer mind.  The chakras in our body are voltage regulators from God that step down the high vibratory energy from the I Am Presence into our bodies so that the bodies can function. The seven major chakras, invisible to the naked eye, are positioned along the spine and in the brain. We often take for granted the automatic functions of the endocrine system, the brain and heart, and all other functions, not realizing their health depends upon an invisible chakra.

We use the energy of the chakras daily. For instance, we may choose to see the highest vision of ourselves and others through the third eye, or concentrate on illusion and pay attention to another’s flaws. The size, shape, and vibrancy of each chakra is unique to how energy has been qualified in many past lives.

Join us for this workshop, to learn how to purify and balance our chakras, and gently raise up the mother light.

Sunday, November 17
“KARMA, Good, Bad and Balanced – How it Works”
1:30 – 2:45 pm –

Karma is all the thoughts, words and deeds from all past lives as well as this one that returns back to us, good or bad.

When good karma is created, it has the highest vibration, and rises up and is stored in our causal body that surrounds the I Am Presence. Negative karma is the lowest vibration and sinks to our electronic belt to become part of our misqualified energies.

Some karma can be transmuted by the violet flame, and some may require a physical action. The hard part can be how to balance the karma with loving action. For in order to balance that karma, one must be in a better place than when our karma was made. It may be required to be loving and kind to someone who hates us for what we did to them in the past or who we have hated. It is easy to understand that by holding a grudge it would make karma balancing difficult. Sometimes people who have committed karma with another may balance that karma by
being married to each other. Love and forgiveness can be extended liberally in that situation.

Join us to learn how to use the violet flame to balance karma, and to prepare ourselves to balance karma by loving action.

ATTENDANCE: In PERSON or via ZOOM (for the Sacred Adventure Series)

In-Person Attendance
The Summit Lighthouse of Phoenix
Tudor Plaza
4105 North 20th St. Suite 115
Phoenix 85016

ZOOM Online or Phone attendance
Download Zoom App for free here:

1.) PC, MAC, Linux, iOS or Android
Click on the meeting link:
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2.) If the link doesn’t work, go to:
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3.) Telephone
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