Magical Love – “Alchemy of the Heart” Book Study


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A Book Study – “Alchemy of the Heart” by Elizabeth Clare Prophet


Thursday, June 4 and June 18
7:00 pm – 8:00 pm MST

Online with Zoom!

There is something magical about love for the sake of love, without exception. Ancient alchemists sought to change base metals into gold. In the same way, base metals of the heart chakra can be purified, and qualities such as dislike, prejudice, or disdain can be transformed into love, acceptance, and humility.

“Alchemy of the Heart” is all about how we can develop this amazing love that transforms the banal, the mundane, the ordinary into the Divine flowing through us that can change our world and the world around us.

Join us for a profound book study that encourages discussion. Learn practical ideas that can help you manifest more love in all of your relationships!

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Meeting ID: 849-2014-9474
Password: 267445

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