July Schedule at the Summit Lighthouse® of Phoenix

Sunday Services at the Summit Lighthouse of Phoenix

You are invited to our chapel. All faiths are welcome!
July 7, July 14, July 21 and July 28
10:30 am – 12:30 pm

A light lunch will be served following the service. The Montessori Children’s Chapel will be closed during July and will resume in the fall.

About our Sunday Service – Devotional with Teachings of the Ascended Masters*

The Sunday service from King Arthur’s Court is broadcast from the beautiful chapel of The Summit Lighthouse® headquarters located in Corwin Springs, Montana. It was named for the King of the Britons who strove to bring together the people of Great Britain, in peace and honor.

The purpose of the Sunday service is to connect the soul to the Higher Self. There is a ritual to the Great Central Sun or an Ashram Ritual at the beginning, a special children’s story, followed by a service from an ordained minister of Church Universal and Triumphant. At the end is a dictation by an Ascended Master.

These dictations contain the Light essence of the Master and are timeless. A transfer of their
light takes place as attention is placed on an image of the Master or the I Am Presence chart, (a picture of the Higher Self), which is the highlight of the service.

*The Ascended Masters are sages of the east and west who have finished their reincarnations and have made their ascension. They have lived here on earth just like us and have had to overcome similar issues in their lives.

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