How to Pray During Natural Disasters – Be Specific!

In light of the devastation of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria and scores of other natural disasters happening around the world, it is helpful to be aware of the pertinent teachings and dispensations from the Ascended Masters through The Summit Lighthouse to enhance our spiritual work.

As Keepers of the Flame and spiritual seekers, we choose to be of service as much as possible to those suffering through disasters. We should also know what to do for ourselves and our families.

Most importantly, realize we are never alone. The armies of Heaven are standing by, ready to intercede the moment we make the call!  Even while an event is unfolding and rescue efforts are taking place, our spiritual work can be more effective by knowing that disasters come with a certain bundle of energy that needs to be handled spiritually. These energies are dealt with through our decrees, prayers, heart-centered attention and focused visualization.

Rescue angels can be set in motion; we can appeal for mercy in all situations while allowing God’s judgment. We can invoke God-ordained solutions for the necessary help with rising water, cleanup and rebuilding.

The Ascended Masters are very specific about energies behind natural disasters. In Paths of Light and Darkness, the sixth book in the Climb the Highest Mountain series, Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet say, “When disaster strikes, it is important to call for intercession, mercy and mitigation in all situations. Souls of light may be in harm’s way and need our spiritual support. Those orchestrating relief efforts can use the help of the coordination angels. Our calls can also help ensure that what is rebuilt after a disaster does not simply recreate the previous darkness, but that something better is fashioned in its place.”

Here are some specific calls and invocations for a natural disaster, such as the hurricanes we’ve recently witnessed.

Call to Archangel Michael and his legions of light to:

  • Guard all survivors and all rescue workers
  • Protect and direct all police, firemen, National Guard, Red Cross and government officials and military personnel working on relief efforts
  • Reverse any attempts of hostile forces to take advantage of vulnerabilities to attack or subvert our nation, such as looting and violence on the gulf coast or threats from North Korea
  • Protect the restoration of electricity and power as well as food supplies and rebuilding efforts.
  • Guard the economies of the nations as they recover from a natural calamity and restrain all post-disaster ripple effects to the economy. In the case of Harvey, the oil and gas refineries need protection and/or speedy reconstruction.
  • Cut free all who passes away, so their souls can ascend to support their highest victory after leaving this plane.
  • Take all affected by the disaster to the etheric retreats of the ascended masters during their sleep to receive instruction and guidance for recovery, healing and divine direction.
  • Send infinite legions of angels to comfort and assist all involved, including those left behind.
  • Remember to ask for all your calls to be adjusted according to the will of God.

The Ascended Masters have given us powerful tools, especially the violet flame, to use in times of natural disaster. For more information about the violet flame, read here. Decrees and songs help support the precious builders of form, the elementals, who bear the burden of humanity’s misqualified energies in the earth.

We can magnify the power of our use of the Science of the Spoken Word by visualizations and thoughtforms which can strengthen the power of concentration making our decrees more effective.

Although there are many ways to be of great service to life during a calamity, the Ascended Masters accentuate the Science of the Spoken Word as our greatest gift. Just make the call and watch with peaceful hearts as God unfolds events, assured that angels, elementals, ascended masters and cosmic beings have instantly responded.

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This information is adapted from the article Work with the Armies of Heaven during a Natural Disaster, Jan./Feb. 2006, Heart to Heart magazine.


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