Book Study: Saint Germain and the Mystery of the Violet Flame

January 2024

Happy New Year!

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Book Study: SAINT GERMAIN – Mystery of the Violet Flame

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In-Person and on Zoom

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 January 9 and 23, and Ongoing Every Two Weeks
Tuesdays, 6:00 – 7:00 pm MST  

Are you ready for a change?
Do you want to help those who are suffering?
How can Saint Germain’s elixir of life help?

Join us for an interactive book study where discussion is encouraged.
Experience joy and healing when giving violet flame mantras.
Be inspired and feel a new sense of soul freedom!

About the life of Saint Germain, the alchemist, adept, visionary and his mission to help us.
(He has been waiting for you!)
How you can transmute karma ahead of time
How violet flame affirmations can ease your burdens
Why the violet brings hope and transformation for our planet

What are the keys to the mystery of the mantra
How we are meant to have a Golden Age of Aquarius

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Saint Germain-Mystery of the Violet Flame
or at The Summit Lighthouse

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Event Location
The Summit Lighthouse® of Phoenix

Teachings of the Ascended Masters®

Tudor Plaza
4105 N 20 St Suite 115
Phoenix Az 85016

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